Roleplaying Discussions on the Steelhead Ning

Did I mention I was living in Steelhead? No? Are you sure? I’m pretty certain I may have mentioned it once or twice… 😉

The great thing about living in Steelhead is that it extends way past the grid itself – there is a very active Ning ( and a great new Wiki ( that allow discussion and sharing of all the great ideas, events and stories that such a dynamic community generates.

If you’ve been following the discussions on this blog (and others) about RP, then you really should take a look at the Steelhead Ning (not to mention the New Babbage Ning but here are a few of the key discussion you may find interesting to start you off 🙂

  1. General discussion on RP in Steelhead from January 09.
  2. More detailed discussion about RP in Steelhead from July 09.
  3. Elegia Underwood’s rule of RP from July 09.
  4. Aspects of Steelhead that can be used in RP from July 09.
  5. Discussion about the confusion and learning curves of trying new RP styles from August 09.
  6. Discussion about imagining Steelhead from August 09.
  7. Discussion about NOT imagining Steelhead from August 09.
  8. Discussion about good character design from November 09.
  9. Discussion on having enemies for your character from November 09.

There are more discussion over on the Steeelhead Ning here, but there are a ton more over on the New Babbage Ning here – go take a looksee! Also check out the Steelhead Story Archive, Hotspur’s Page O’ Tales, the Steelhead Wiki, and the New Babbage Wiki.


Other posts on the suject of roleplaying can be found here.

One comment

  1. Wow. In trying to click through to the Steelhead ning, I just discovered that my typist’s capricious employer decided to block access to it. Those sound like some interesting topics though. The typist will create a reminder to check when a more compassionate and less arbitrary network administrator is running the show (i.e., at home).

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