Goodunnit: Chapter 5 – Looking a little flushed…

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar Cuter than Christmas yet deadlier than Death itself, Dr Malegatto Alter was a tiny kitty with brains, brawn and seriously big ballistics. Not that I’d ever tell her she was cute, hell there’s only one man brave enough to do that and rumour has it she’d burnt his house down as a thank you. No, when you find yourself knee-deep in a piranha pool it’s not a good idea to cut yourself shaving as my old mum always said, “The sheriff knows I’m here,” I blurted hoping the edge of fear wouldn’t show through my voice.

The green eyes bore through me, her metal claw (a drunk once told me that she’d lost her arm pulling Satan’s heart out through his stomach and I was tempted to believe him) twitched a little as she regarded me with the level of loathing normally reserved for cockroaches, slugs and unexpected houseguests. “Well bully for you,” she said after a pause so long it could only be measured in lifetimes or games of Monopoly, “but that hardly answers the twin questions of who the devil is in my Squiddy Thing and why, now does it?”

“I guess not, I need to get him out before I can try. Any ideas?” I tried to sound a whole heap braver than I felt and I was under no illusions about my failure in the matter.

“Ideas? Ideas? Of course I have some ideas you blithering fool! Right at this moment the idea I’m giving quite a lot of time to involves you, some rope and the quay if you ask any more stupid questions!”

Her whiskers quivered in rage and I found myself thinking how adorable it was. I even contemplated reaching out to scratch behind here ears, but the thought of my hand being torn off and rammed down my throat brought me to my senses. “I mean about how to get the stiff out of your little pet here, assuming you don’t want me to slice it open…” it wasn’t a great comeback as comebacks go, but hand-tear-throat-ram you know.

“I most certainly do NOT want my sqiddy thing cutting up! I have prepared a solution that will cause a metabolic reaction within the creature that should expel the foreign body in a safe, natural manner.”

“You mean…”

“That’s right, I’ve created a squid laxative!” she let out a peel of evil laughter that would have given Satan the willies, were he not dead due to having a heart-shaped hole in his abdomen. “Ahem,” she stopped laughing with a slight cough, “sorry, force of habit and all that.”

“Some habit,” I said, “must make playing Trivial Pursuit a real pain in the keister.”

“You have no idea,” she muttered darkly.

I tactfully changed the subject “So, this squiddy exlax, how do we administer it? Some form of injection?” I walked towards the green column, wondering at the best place for a needle. There was no answer and when I turned I saw Dr Alter struggling into what looked like a deep sea diving suit. She twisted the helmet on and looked up at me. I could see her mouth moving but couldn’t make out a word. I make the universal pointing at my ears sign and mouthed “What?”

She flipped out the glass “I said, I already have.”

Behind me was a loud, low rumble followed by a slow ripping sound.

“Oh sh…” was all I managed to say before a torrent of liquefied squid innards and dead John Doe crashed into my back and I washed past Dr Alter in a stinking waves of green slime. I’d swear she was smiling inside her helmet as I passed her.


To be continued…
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  1. you really have done a wonderful job withyour presentation of ETK — I am curious, did you work with her on this part of the story together OOC or actually rp this out?

  2. Hiya Dio,

    I have to say that in this case (no pun intended) I’m not actually writing this with the poor people I’ve half-dragged in. I’m treating this whole tale as one of the silly story episodes that appear in every Star Trek season and just writing everybody involved as a character from a bad Chandler-esque novel.

    There has been some email communication between Fuzzball (the sheriff – it’s his story idea) and Dr A to plan out some of the details, and I’ve met up with Dr A in-world where we acted it out in character (in normal character, not the PI-style characters above) but everything else I’ve just written over the top of it all with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek 🙂

    The planning for the tale started in the manager-only section of the Steelhead Ning – Lunar asked the mgrs for ideas for a mystery month and they had the mysterious note leading to a guy fawkes party under the town hall, this squiddy thing case and at least two other (one I think involves missing socks!). Fuzz came up with the idea of the body in the squiddy thing and arranged it with Dr A and invited be on board to perform the autopsy – I’m not sure anyone expected me to turn it into a tale of this length 😀

    For the record, I don’t know who dunnit either – I just know how the John Doe died, more of that in the next installment though 😉

  3. I’m hoping that the fact it’s so silly and I will never a) do anything the character really wouldn’t do (Dr A finding god and becoming good, etc.) and b) make them look ‘silly’ and out of character.

  4. Well, my cat is rather harmless now that I have perspective.

    Hope you have a great Rez Day coming up tomorrow.

    We’ve been celebrating by highlighting Antfarm contributions to society and how they are considered by many to be the SL royal family.

  5. That’s the whole problem I have with cats: so adorably cute, but every one of them willing to rip your face to shreds. Just because.

    Dr. Alter is at least willing to tell you this to your face, whereas the standard house cat is content to nap and eat your food and remain silent about the whole simmering rage thing until the moment when your flesh starts to disintegrate.

    But the little buggers are just so darn cute that we humans can’t help ourselves.

  6. I do swear Elf…SOMEDAY. And yes, Miss Jameson, do not fool yourself. The rage is always there. With every lick or purr, we are planning your doom. However, all fish and treats are welcomed in the meantime.

    I felt that this was a rather good portrayal of me. My dry wit and charismatic personality, my stunningly good feline looks…oh wait…

    Don’t go to sleep.

  7. @Rhia: My own little urchin loves them so I assume my house will be invaded at some pint…

    @Lunar: You’re not helping matters! I’d up your insurance if I were you…

    @Dr A: Fish treats… right, I’ll make a note of that!

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