Wild West Pixie Boogie Time!

Yonks ago I ended up in a party over in Caledon and now, via the magic of Twitter, I’ve recently been keeping in touch with Fuschia, the Pixie behind the party. Well, being a rather lovely Pixie, she invited me to another and I popped on my spurs and headed on down to the hoedown. The only problem was my poor PC crashed mid dance and I couldn’t log back in for over 24 hours :(( Sorry Fuschia!

It was a great laugh with poor Oolon being harrassed by his admirer, old Aunty McDonnell. You can see from the pics I managed to take before the crash Fuschia & the Prof had done a great job of the decorations- you can also see poor Pixies never managed to rez for me and I had a huge jaw – another bizarre bug I suffer from on occasion :((

Still, bloody good boogie while it lasted and that’s what matters – cheers to all Pixies!

Fuschia's Party

Fuschia's Party

Fuschia's Party

Fuschia's Party


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