The Mysterious Note: 7 – Exodus

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar The journey through the sewers, the killing of more undead souls, the flight through the panicked streets of Clockhaven are but still images in my memory, the details of events themselves seemingly wiped by the horror of it all.

I remember clearly being ushered onboard the Clockhaven Queen, this time far from empty. I remember the noise, the screaming and gunshot and moans. I remember the smell of burning that seemed to be everywhere. I remember arguing that as a doctor I should be allowed to stay and help, but the local militia ordering me back saying they had things under control and the wounded on the ship would need my help. I remember the Queen sailing out to sea. I remember looking back and seeing the sky stained red with the fires that burnt all across Babbage.

I had seen the fires before.

I had heard the screams before.

I had tending the dying about a heaving vessel before.

I put all my memories to one side and got on with my job. I was a doctor and I had patients – nothing else mattered. Nothing. Not the zombies. Not Babbage on fire. Not my wife. Not my children. Not my country. Not my lost life. Nothing mattered but this, here and now.

The Queen steamed out to sea and the safety of Steelhead.


To be continued after a short break…
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