The Mysterious Note: 6 – Death in the sewers!

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar My fear had gripped me tight and by the time the paralysis lifted I had steamed past Slade’s dock and into a narrow section of tunnel that precluded any thought of turning around. I desperately twisted and pulled at various controls on the engine, but in my panic failed to find a reverse gearing system. I moved with grim inexorability towards the moaning and splashing monster somewhere in the dark sewer ahead.

Suddenly there was another splash somewhere further ahead. And another. More moans, guttural animalistic cries of hunger, joined the first. I was facing at least three zombies and found myself armed with nothing more than my satchel and this boat.

The boat! Of course! I had been desperately trying to get the boat to go backwards and away from the terrors that lay ahead when I should have been looking at it as my source of escape and protection through them!

The stench of the sewer, whilst always bad, increased in its foulness as it mixed with the terrible miasma of rotting flesh. The tunnel ahead was dark and heavy with shadows that seemed to peel from the walls and flee ahead of my boat only at the last possible second.

And the seconds in this vile place felt like hours as I crept forward seeing nothing in the gloom until! There! In the sewage before me a creature loomed large, its arms stretched out in front, a shaft of wood trust fully through its body and, most terrible of all, an axe buried in its ruined skull! Its dead eyes fixed on me as its slack jaw released the unmistakable howl of a flesh-hungry zombie!

Zombies in Babbage!

With a spine of pure ice, I opened the little boat’s steam valve as far as it would go and kept a steady hand on the tiller as I began to speed through the foul water. I aimed squarely at the poor devil and braced for impact – there was a dull thud as his head hit the hull and the boat leapt up in the air, riding over him as if over a ramp! I held on tight, fearing I would be thrown from my craft, or worse still, it would capsize, but the steady vessel came down true and splashed back into the murky waters. Almost immediately the engine began to protest and I turned just in time to see the unfortunate’s head pulled into the gearing and cracked like an egg. Blood, brains and gore erupted behind me and the creature’s body, now finally lifeless and at rest, sank to the bottom. I was safe!

Ahead of me, in the inky blackness, the moaning started again. I set my jaw and spluttered forward…


To be continued…
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  1. yay! take that sewer zombie!

    that was delightfully descriptive. and on top of everything else, you got to use the term “miasma”

  2. Poor Dr Beck, I hope those sewers don’t link up with Nova Albions he’ll be there for ever knocking the rotters down. I’m likeing these shorter chapters (due to short attention span ) and plenty of suspence, brill, more please 🙂

  3. Cheers guys ::)

    @Rhia – I couldn’t help it – it had to be zombies 🙂 In truth, as I was pootling abour the sewers trying to solve the clues in the note (all the why not knowing that Slade’s had just opened a store in Steelhead and that’s where I should have been – and this was relayed over the Steelhead group chat but no one pointed out my mistake) I happened upon a couple of New Babbagers in fil Zomb outfits and we never interacted at all – I just took a pic and then made up the story to fit ;-D

    @Nish – The Zombies on New Babbage seem a lot friendly than those in NA – the NA ones have largely become a mini-griefing group who post their lovely actions to You tube (turning up at a kareoke event and bellowing obscenities down the mic is one example). To be honest I’m not surprised, there have always been griefers in NA – back when I started in 2006/7 I was harassesed by the group who dressed like LA gansta/rappers. In 2008 it was the Brickwarmers who were a bunch of arseholes and now in 09 it’s the zombies. The same names crop up, bored idiots and clique bullies.

    As for the legth of the posts, I’ll try and keep some short for you – I suspect many others think tl/dr too.

  4. ^^ I never thought that and I doubt anyone else did You know you should just write as much as you need to otherwise it would compromise. Please don’t do that .

    1. Ohhh no – I think it’s a fair point – reading on a web page is far more taxing than in print and too much can just tire the eyes and put folks off. I’ve actually enjoyed these smaller posts myself 😀

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