TSMGO – Halloween Special!

Rot up! Rot up! Ghouls and Beasties, I have the distinct terror of announcing a special one night only re-animation of the show everyone is screaming about!

TSMGO - Halloween 09 Show

Creep along early to guarentee your plot and come in the scariest costume you can possess to see the undead treat with more than a few nasty tricks… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

We rise from our graves at 2pm (SLT) on Saturday 31st October 2009 and then come back for a second bite of your brains at 2:50pm. So crawl your foul way to The Lindenburg in Phobos and make sure you don’t miss the show where dying on stage is all part of the fun!

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  1. Wonderful show as always.

    The host has sort of a…..ninth Doctor accent who as Rose says “is from the north” which to me means Canada, but Lancashire to others I guess.

    The best moment was seeing the Antfarm emotional streak. We do feel.

    Okay fine, it’s the doctor’s office. It always is. I love that bit.

    1. hehe – that was me, unaltered and raw – I am from the North, just a few miles from Manchester in Lancashire 🙂

      I’m really glad you liked it mate – good to see you 🙂

      Lucy’s Doc sketches are the best 😀

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