The Mysterious Note: Part 4 – The Streets of Clockhaven

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar The shadowed streets of Clockhaven were narrow and echoed with my lonely footsteps. More than once I was certain I heard distant shouting and unclear sounds of some commotion or other. The strange keening sound I had detected as I disembarked the Clockhaven Queen had grown steadily louder and I was sure now it was not just the wind whistling through the alleyways.

Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

The alleys themselves proved infuriatingly disorienting to the point I was convinced I was lost. I fought hard to hold my rising sense of panic down as I turned, sure I was being followed but saw no one.

Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

I hurried on, desperate to reach my goal and found myself nearly overcome with joy as I came upon it. Still, it was as dark and as quiet as everywhere else in this strange ghost town.

Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

I toyed with the idea of leaving now, of forgetting the whole damn foolish endeavour and returning to the relative safety of the slums, but it would be another two hours before the Queen would slip out of harbour again so I was going nowhere. Beside, I chided myself silently, I was letting my fears take hold of me. I pushed my shoulders back and made my way inside to where the boats were launched into the sewers. Looking up at the launch ramp, I had the feeling this was going to be a bumpy ride…
Steelhead: The Mysterious Note


To be continued…
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