The Mysterious Note: Part 2 – Dangerous Assumptions

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar Although the day had started innocently enough my discovery of a mysterious note on the floor of Steelhead’s town hall coupled with the two assumptions I made (and which proved somewhat embarrassingly to be totally flawed) soon changed this and ensured I was heading into mortal danger!

The first assumption I made was that the note obviously pertained to some illicit activity of the Bing Kong tong, the neighbourhood gang that ran every crooked game and every sorry lost girl in the slums. As I was to find out I could not have been wider of the mark had I tried!

The second, and by far the most near-disastrous assumption I made was that the named clothing store, Slade Outfitters, only had an outlet in New Babbage. As I was to discover later they had opened a brand new store much closer to home, indeed rather close to where I found the note, but at the time New Babbage was the only store I had any knowledge of.

Therefore, with the whiff of mystery in my nostrils and the thrill of daring-do coursing through my veins I set off to New Babbage and Slade Outfitters in Clockhaven!

Steelhead: The Mysterious Note


To be continued…
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  1. Have you no patients to attend to ? Off on a whim to New Babbage leaving the sick to care for themselves, good gracious me. What were these vital supplies you were intending to get ? What is to happen to poor Mr Ho back in the slums, consumed with the fever ? 🙂

  2. Madam, I can assure you that whilst the supplies were vital, they were not urgent. I can also assure you and any reader that the well-being of the poor souls cursed by life to call the slums their gaodforsaken home are of the utmost importance to me, but seeing as Mr Ho had died the day before and no new cases had ben reported, I felt it was safe for me to take a wee detour on the way home. Little did I know the horror and danger that such a detour would lead me into…

  3. Sir I do beg your forgiveness for jumping to such derisive conclusions. I see now you are a man of virtue and of high moral . I await the outcome of your excursion with bated breath and pray for your safe return. My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs Ho and her daughter Haha. 🙂

  4. Ladies, if I didn’t know you better, I would be forced to swallow the unpalatable fact that you might, with no provocation whatsoever, be making light of the poor recently deceased Mr Ho and his family! For shame!

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