Back By Popular Demand!

That’s right folks, we thought it was the end of the 2009 season for The Show Must Go on and Professor Antfarmoffski’s Flea Circus, but you wouldn’t let us go 🙂 So bowing to pressure from our gorgeous and fragrant public, Osprey beat us all on the soles of our feet until we agreed to come out of retirment once more, and what a show we put on! We were packed out for the 2pm showing (nearly 30 in the audience!) and had a fair few for the 2:50pm show and everyone had a great time. It was nice to see some friends from Nova Albion & Bay City as well as Steelhead and from SL Things To Do and of course, the Backpacking Burros! A huge thanks for your support guys!
TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

p.s. This was Kumi Kuhr’s first show with us too! Welcome to the looney bin, Kumi! 😀



  1. Wuz Phunne! Now on to the zombeh show … reh hhhrrrr … (thinks that is what a zombie could say with a rotting jaw)

  2. Well…..Cousin Antfarm,

    I am in like 25 groups, I only read my blog, and Twitter is my means to know how many followers Daniel Voyager has there and on Plurk, but I just followed tsmgo nonetheless cause our blood is thicker than other bodily fluids.

    Well..most of them anyway.

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