Far From Home: 2 – The City

I dreamt of a city.

I opened my eyes and the sun was bright. I was standing beneath trees in the foothills of a mountain whose peak seemed poised to pounce into the sea shimmering away at its base.
Far From Home 1

I looked down and followed the rolling fields through small woods and across a river and there it was, the city.
Far From Home 2

It was beautiful. Surround by water, it was angular, low and flowing. Shapes and shadows in the sun that stretched out away and folded over the landscape. Beyond its squat expanse a thousand thousand windows glinted in the sun from gleaming tower blocks that reared up into the shimmering sky. It was unlike anything I could remember. I had to go to it.

The journey was long and hot. For some reason my legs seemed weaker than they should and I grew tired and breathless long before I reached the river at the edge of the city. I bent to cool my face in the water and saw a reflection I didn’t recognise. I felt no alarm at this, merely a detached curiosity as I ran my fingers through my hair and found myself expecting to find something without knowing what.

The city called to me. I stood, my reflection forgotten and crossed a nearby bridge. The city’s concrete spans and walkways slowly enveloped me like the fronds of a web and I knew I could not go back. I had to find this city’s heart, a heart that was calling me, drawing me in, pulling me deeper and deeper…
Far From Home 3

Far From Home 4

To be continued…
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  1. I find the imagery of the spans and walkways being like a web—and then the the sensation that you are being drawn in deeper—just a tad worrisome.

    Other than my concern for your well-being, I am enjoying the the poetry of this.

    1. Glad you are liking it Dio – you have no idea how long it took me to write that tiny little post! I had, until two days ago, no clue at all about where I was going with this tale – just a vauge notion I wanted it set in Blue Mars. The whole thing should seem like a dream, but only time will tell if it is… 😉

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