Re-Rezzing Ryne

Now that HBA is a crispy chip, I’ve decided to resurrect my old roleplaying av, Ryne Beck. I created Ryne  in 07 so I could RP in somewhere like Toxian City but I never found a place I actually liked so I retired him. He came out briefly for the CSI sims and for a murder mystery Enjah ran in Grignano, but these were brief excursions and all too soon he was one again consigned to the assert server of forgotten avs.

So when I decided HBA needed a rest (and a shit load of salve) I turned to Ryne. But he needed some work. The clothes had to go, and the hair and skin – the new Ryne was to be from a ruined Manchester in the 1880s, and his beefcake, tough, black NY cop look just didn’t fit. So here is a pictorial record of his metamorphosis…

Rezzing Ryne  4

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck

Ryne Beck Gravatar 2

Ryne, or Dr Rynehold Beck, will be moving into Steelhead’s Shanghai slums to look after the poor of the parish – look out for his tales appearing here soon 🙂



  1. hate to burst the bubble but NYC cops look nothing like what you had there. HOWEVER, that look you got going on now would suit nicely for a trip to Deadwood hint hint nudge nudge

    1. You missed the “CSI” bit out – all NY cops in CSI NY are attractice, dangerous & cool looking in equal measure 😉

      And Ryne is scheduled for a visit to Deadwood, I promise. What year is it in Deadwood?

  2. ah…you’re right, I overlooked the CSI bit. The only time I ever watched CSI NY at all was that one time that it involved SL, during which I unfortunately was compelled to shove a sharpened stick into my right eye to distract myself from the pain that the TV show was causing inside my fucking skull.

    As for Deadwood, right now it is October 1878

  3. TY for the date – Steelhead is 188(mumble mumble) but seeing how the date is less important there than Deadwood, I’m sure I can visit both in character and use it as part of a story… as long as I don’t polute the Deadwood stage (ho ho ho) with any Steelhead madness 😉

    p.s. CSI is bubblegum for the eyes and brain. Hokum, but fun. And the blond lass in CSI Miami with the Texan drawl pops my cork big time – bloody ROAR!

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