Riding from Bay City to Nova Albion

You know the stuff about visiting Holocluck Henly’s gallery and Marianne McCann’s shop in Bay City? Good, because there’s more. Pull up a chair, get a brew and read on.

You see, after visiting Marianne’s store I wandered about Bay city a little looking for signs of life. My SL experience is largely one of zero green dots in the sims I’m in and this visit was no different. Teleportation has a lot to answer for – very few people travel through sims to go places so you rarely meet strangers and have the chance to chat. I decided I would do something different and instead of just beaming out and back to Steelhead (I had left HBA Island by this point) I would mount up on my trusty steed Frank and trot all the way through the city to Nova Albion.

I saw some wonderful builds and interesting shops. The bridges worked and the tram passed me at least twice. But not once did I see another soul. Not once. Not until I got into the gutted* Sistana and found Mossant in her lovely coffee shop where we talked about how much the empty sim she now found herself was ticking her off. How her and LisaHot carry on and keep enthused is beyond me, but I’m glad they do – SL needs more community builders like them and Marianne. Anyhow, off my soapbox for a bit, here are the pics of my horse ride from city to city.

Bay City Tram

Bay City Bridge

First Mole in the moon

Sunny Mole's Planets

Lazy elf!

Chatting with Mossant :)


* When people had to pack up and go to Zindra, the ones who left their old, old lands of Nova Albion’s Sistana district felt so aggrieved that they put the lands up for sale at stupid prices ensuring no one could buy them and redevelop the community. Frankly this sort of dog-in-the-manger childish stupidity fucks me off royally and I just wish LL had the balls to take the land off them and give it out to folks who would rebuild the city suburbs instead of sulking all the way to the bank cashing in their earnings from making fake cocks and clits. Fuckers.


    1. Totally! I did start a road trip across the old mainlad (stalled at the moment, but I’ll do some more one day) and in that the real joy, aside from learning more about the history of SL, was simply being distracted by amazing things, place and people. The master of this type of exploration is The Baker Collective who documents these oddities with a creative skill far greater than mine 🙂

  1. I find it spiritually uplifting to know that there is a “posted in” category for “SL Wankers”

    It’s probably also a reflection of my own incredibly sophomoric nature that I find you really cute when you cuss.

    1. SL Wankers, I have known a few 😀 What the tossers have done to Nova Albion is simply childish and should be punished as such. Gah! Don’t get me started!

      And you should follow my RL twitter – I swear like a fucker there 😉

  2. Don’t they still have to pair tier on the lands they’ve put up for sale, though? Seems they get as hurt by the land not turning over as the potential folk who want a new start.

    1. I’m sure they are pissed and I’m sure they are out of pocket, but setting 720sqm for over U$1,000 is just taking the piss. I would have loved to buy from them, but I simply couldn’t afford that – and what could I seriously do with 720sqm? Nah, it strikes me as salting the earth 😦

  3. hehe. i just read this and if i may add to the enthusiasm I have…A freind of mine just bought all of Christiano’s land before it went on the Market. I will be taking 3 of them over come December. Looking to build some High rise Apt’s.
    Simple but I really want to see a skyline again. I am also thinking of doing the same with my Northern plot in Miramare. High Rise!

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