HBA Island – Gone At Last

I’ve popped into my old home once or twice since I left to see if it had been sold – I was strangely pleased* to see it remained empty and the same as the day I had left.

HBA Island: the End

But… Now it belongs to someone else. And his rocks are better than mine were.**
The New Old HBA Island

* A feeling akin to that childish need to see an ex in the street looking tired and miserable instead of happy and obviously better off without you.

** See? Better off without me. Sigh.



  1. This is why I’ve kinda avoided even looking at the map an seeing what my old home land in Hundertwasser looks like nowadays. 😦

    1. Heh, yeah going back can be weird. The only time it’s ever actually upset me was driving past my nan’s house about a year after she died and seeing how it both looked different yet cruelly the same. I’ve never been back since 😦

  2. ah, yeah, well there is a corollary to rule 11 for straight guys which says never date a woman who can bench press more than you…

    cuz ya know…

    at some point….

    she’s gonna mess ya up.

    maybe someday I’ll do a post with the complete list of Dio’s Official Rules

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