Laddles and Gentlebumps, May I Introduce The Lindenburg!

TSMGO - 30th May 09 (Race for Life gig)

If you’ve seen the 2009 show, you’ll have been on the amazing flying theatre airship built by Osprey – well now, thanks to Karuna Sands, it has a name… Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to The Lindenburg!

TSMGO - 29th August 2009

Come to today’s show – 2pm in Phobos! And again next week on the 12th!
TSMGO - Sept 09 Poster



  1. Lurkers and Geriatrics! Next week is our TSMGO SEASON FINALE!!!! Will Karuna’s eggs hatch? Will Osprey retain her ripped yet boyish figure? Will Esmeralda be devoured by the Wild Beasts? Will Kitty be crushed by a flying cat? Will Alazi bow proudly? Will Doctor Tornado shave her legs?

    Only those who attend will discover the answers to these memorable and terrifying questions. Come one come ALL!

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