A Burro On Mars!

As I struggle through RL’s hectic time schedule at the moment, it would appear my neglected avatar has taken umbrage at my absense and booked himself on to a rocket ship tour to a newly blued Mars where they seem to be accepting new tester recruits. Here is the blighter after removing gazelle skin!
BlueMars 2009-09-05 08-37-01-90

And in the welcome area (with a constant trickle of SLers wondering how to move and change thier POV!)
BlueMars 2009-09-05 08-38-45-18

He went to a city…
BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-13-01-18

Although it was quite empty…
BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-01-45-93

BlueMars 2009-09-05 08-59-27-15

He also marvelled at the graphics! The splashes and dust when running through water…
BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-05-27-06

BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-05-32-07

And look! Water on the lens as you come pan out of the sea!
BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-06-06-54

The shadows are lovely…
BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-07-57-18

BlueMars 2009-09-05 09-09-18-48

He seems to be having a good holiday, doesn’t he… lucky bugger!



  1. I’m still laughing at this Its just tickles me every time I read it 🙂 oh dear 🙂 . I was actually going to apply to go to Blue mars but I’m not going now Although I can’t see any bruising I know for definite you have beaten me and I’m pretty sure bakers wife will beat me aswell 🙂

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