Roleplaying at Hogwarts with Dio

As regular readers to this blog will know, my discussions a couple of months back brought me in contact with Diogenes Kuhr who I class as a good friend and all round wise woman. A while back she started up a blog to tell her tales of roleplaying in Deadwood as well as muse over other topics as she saw fit.

Now Dio is one of the best people to talk to about roleplaying in SL and her thoughts on the subject have actually influenced me a hell of a lot since we met, but even she would admit to not having tried all of the various styles of RP in SL. So a whiles back she decided to give immersive, rule-enforced fiction genre a go and signed up for the Hogwarts sim and here is her first report as an embedded roleplayer, and it makes fascinating reading if you are in any way interested in how RP works in SL.

If you haven’t already, check her blog out and read back through her wonderful posts – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Hey HB,
    Thanks for directing folks to my portal of pontificiation. As for Hogwarts, I’m having a lot of fun there – right now we have a situation with cursed books in the library that burst into flame when you try to get them to reveal what spell has been placed on them, and it’s been a nice way of getting some students and staff interacting with the library. There are some great roleplayers there, both students and staff members, and I just wish I had more time to devote to both HU and Deadwood.

    People who say there is nothing to do in SL just have limited imaginations, I think.

  2. No worries on the link matey – I hope more people stop by and join in because if they don’t, they don’t know what they are missing 🙂

    As for time, I’m afraid it is in short supply here too – I’m having to cut back to just 3 evenings a week for the foreseeable due to RL duties 😦

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