Lost & Found: Chapter 6 – The Walls Have Both Ears And Eyes…

Jeremiah was stunned. He had a granddaughter? It was all too much; a son, a granddaughter, the laboratory, the pentacle, demons… he staggered back against the window as the world span around him. He couldn’t breathe, the room was hot and small, the machinery clanked and hissed, subtle vibrations reached up through his feet and turned his stomach. He had to get out, get away from here, from himself. As he staggered forwards and out of the doorway, he was unaware he was being watched by several interested parties.


Above him, the eyes of Amarantis Belfire, his granddaughter, bored into him with distrust and curiosity in equal measures. She didn’t know who this stranger was or why he should use her zaide’s name, but what she really wanted to know is where her grandfather was and what this stranger had done with him. As he climbed the stairs to the doorway, she was still weighing up whether to follow him or not…

As Jeremiah walked into the bright sunshine a nun, concealing herself by the kennels across the road, watched his reappearance with a keen interest. She was one of the best surveillance nuns in Steelhead and was going to make sure that Mother Superior and Sheriff Ortega were proud of her. She made a quick note in a small book and prepared herself for his next move…

Further away, deep in the shadows of an alley across the water, a figure watched the unfamiliar face of his most hated vrag through the optics of a much used sniper rifle and felt his finger automatically curl around its trigger. With great force of will he moved it off and carried on observing: he had to be sure, after all this time he had to be sure it was him…

Much closer to him than he knew or could have guessed, a singularity of green light as big as the universe and as small as the void itself danced unseen as it bided its time. It was angry and sulking and had no intention of revealing to Jeremiah what it knew of recent events. No, it would just wait and watch and that would show the ungrateful wretch…

On the deck of a wooden ship, a hideous creature gazed into the entrails of a freshly gutted fairy, its wings still flapping helplessly, and tried to decipher this most curious turn of events. The Elemental had retreated, the Chosen was no longer the Chosen, the Seal was broken yet the barrier remained. Curious. It would need to speak to the traitor and have him find out more. The creature snarled an order and was passed a small cage woven from the darkness between dreams. It reached a clawed hand inside and pulled out another terrified fairy…


Jeremiah braced himself against the walls of the lab and made his way around to the horse he’d tied up. Struggling into the saddle he said “I don’t suppose you know where the Europan Consulate is, do you boy?”. When the horse whinnied and began to trot off, he laughed out loud, but it was a hollow, joyless sound. Nothing made sense, why should a horse that understood him be any different?

To be continued…
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