Badges? We don’t need no, etc.

Hamlet Au is making the point for having a rewards system in SL over on his blog.

My two pence worth is that I don’t care if they add one, but I’ll not use it. I simply don’t care about badges and awards. I never have in RL and I never will in SL. The mere concept is filed under “Don’t Get It” and “Can’t Be Arsed” with a cross-reference to “Rankles At Thought Of Being Judged” and “Who The Hell Are You?” with a stapled note entitled “Calm Down Fella” and a Post-It saying “It’s Only A Game” with a doodle of some breasts I did whilst thinking about some breasts.

That’s all. Move along.



  1. I second your opinion, HBA. The attraction to SL for me is that it’s *not* a game and it’s *not* about “winning”, unlike the others mentioned in the Hamlet Au blog. Even if you want to go down that rd., how do you rate SL-RL crossover achievements? (just off the top of my head) It seems like the most aggressive and vocal will reap the rewards, once more, as well as set the rules to begin with. Yeah, this is like RL I suppose. And that’s one of the reasons I hang out in SL so much. This is exactly the element that I wish to get away from in the first place. Competitiveness has its place, but usually for me its a personal and publicly illusive space. To me, people are like the cells of a body. If you don’t have blood cells, the body dies. Same for brain cells and any other type of cells. How do you rate the importance of one cell over another? I know that’s simplifying the process, but the point is that this will marginalize the non-agressive, the non-assertive. Unlike RL, SL, for me, is not about making money. But it’s also not a “game.” It’s another personal space that’s not easily compared with others. I’m blood, you’re brain, another is nerve. Who gets gold, silver and bronze? Many factors go into how much one “contributes” to SL. Some have long term investment with little to show in the present. Others have much more to show up front.
    I think it’s kind of stupid to implement these badges/awards/whatever. But, again, people will do what people want, and a lot of people seem to like the games and winning. I suppose that’s why we’ve had so many wars down through the centuries.
    That was quite a rant for me! Sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes; know there’s other sides to deal with here.

  2. Hiya Baker – don’t apologise, hell I *agree* with ya 😀

    Like I say, I *won’t* mind if they introduce one… I just won’t use it. I will make no difference to me whatsoever in-world. Actually it makes more of a difference in ganes like Left4Dead where the desire to get awards makes some players take riasks that spoil the fun for the rest of the players – but I can’t see that happening in SL 🙂

  3. Hamy lost me when the Xbox 360 Achievement system was cited as a reason for implementation. In fact, it made me like it less.

    Say, are we related? I so rarely see the family these days after I had them all evicted and deported. Since that just preceded a 3 month coke/sex/sheep binge (thanks to proceeds of the land), it’s all just a very fuzzy blur with only three warm sweaters as a memory.

    I did come across Icky Antfarm when she noted I was an idiot over at the Alpha forums which gave me hope we were kin but it turns out she only plays evil in the forums. I think I saw another leaving a flea show (I know, sounds lame, but rather funny actually) but I was in a hurry to go make fun of people elsewhere and didn’t check.

  4. Hi Adric, I guess we are related – I joined in Nov 06 too 🙂 I saw your post about this onnyour blog but you have comments OFF so I couldn’t reply I’m sorry. As far as I know LL only uses a surname once and for a small period of time, so in theroy there will be no more Antfarms ever and if we al leave then the name will die.

    P.S. I’m glad you liked the Flea Circus – that was me you met and I wrote the Flea Circus acts 🙂

    Find out more at

        1. I still don’t understand why people go a blog to comment (I just go to others) but I have enabled both comments (reviewed) and even made a contact form. Oh how I love my readers. I do really.

          Speaking of which we have some information on Linden last names names sent in by one

          Nice page, but it you look to be out of season gearing up so I will check back. I enjoyed the first show and would love to others like it since originality is rationed in SL and you somehow got some.

          Not sure where Vancouver is unless it’s near Degrassi which is my main point of reference for that part of the world but hope the busticated ‘pooters heal well.

  5. Now mind you, this is one of those things where I intend to comment without expending terribly much effort in actually looking over what is being proposed, because (A.) that’s the kind of curmudgeonly old bitch I feel like being this weekend and (B.) the size of the rat’s ass that I DON’T give about this idea is of truly epic proportions.

    Simply put, it would merely be yet another element of SL that the Lab dumped time and resources into, and which I would inevitably ignore, along the majority of the other ill-considered bells, whistles and nipple rings that they have pissed away the best years of their working lives in developing and slapping onto the platform like so many colorful, badly-adhering bandaids upon the body of a wheezing, wobbly-kneed asthmatic.

    The one potential benefit I COULD possibly see with this kind of rating system–depending on how it is structured and administered–would be that there would be a significant likelihood that anything being highly rated by their system would, in fact, be precisely the very sorts of things that any SL resident with an average degree of taste and intelligence would wish to avoid like the goddam bloody flux (or plague of your choice).

    Of course, being the Lab, they’d probably screw that pooch as well, by occasionally slipping up and giving awards to something or someone of genuine quality, and then we’d miss out on it….

    Hmmm, unless….they announced the awards in the Message of the Day, which would instantly consign that information to utter oblivion, because, after all, who reads THAT visual white noise?

    1. Bwahahahahahahahahaha, you are so right – more nipple rings awards for stuff that means jackshit to the folks living here – like tarting up the colourful banners across the roads of a tourist town but never fixing the fact the local post office doesn’t work well 🙂

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