Lost & Found: Chapter 5 – Genealogy Part 1

Jeremiah whirled around to face the owner of the voice. A slight youth, pale skin stark against his black clothing, stood in the middle of the room, a sad half-smile playing across his lips.

“I mean horrible, obviously, but beautiful all the same,” the young man said.

Steelhead - Chatting to Lunar

“Who the hell? How did you get in here?” Jeremiah snapped, struggling to regain composure.

“S’not like it’s locked, you know,” the youth shrugged to the doorway. “Saw you come in, figured I’d see what you looked like now.”

“You know me?” Jeremiah asked quickly.

“Nah, not really. Saw you at Genies once, but y’know you were human an’ all then, not furry and stuff. Nice horns though.”

“Er, thank you,” Jeremiah stammered back, “Do I… I mean did I know… you see, I’ve…well, I’ve got… I mean, I’ve lost…”

“You’ve lost your marbles and want to know if you know me, man just spit it out will ya,” the youth sounded bored, “Don’t think so. Prob heard of me. I sort of run things around here. Name’s Lunar.”

Jeremiah’s face registered the surprise he was feeling and had no chance to hide it.

“Yeah, I know ‘I don’t look old enough’, man I’m sick of hearing that!” Lunar said sounding very annoyed.

“I… er, I’m sorry…” Jeremiah started.

“Look,” Lunar, “it’s my old lady’s fault. She broke the moon and I’m stuck human again. And 17.”

“Er, Oh. I’m sorry,” was all Jeremiah could think to say.

“Yeah,” Lunar said idly tracing a shape in the dust on the floor with the toe of his boot. An uneasy silence descended and settled on the two men and long seconds ticked away between them.

“So you can’t remember anything?” Lunar said at last. Jeremiah let out a big sigh, acutely aware of the beads of sweat tickling him beneath his fur. Teenagers were so bloody hard to talk to. “Um, no. Not a thing.”

“Man, you have a lot coming you way. You aren’t the most popular person in town, you know.”

Jeremiah bit his lower lip in contemplation, “No. Genie didn’t say too much but given I seem to have been hiding there under a false name I guessed that my son didn’t want to see me.”

“Darien?” Lunar snorted, “Oh hell you guys pissed each other off royally! Wham! Fights, explosions, demons, everything!” Lunar seemed quite happy at the thought of this. Jeremiah, on the other hand, felt his eyes widen, “Demons? Is that what that is for?” he stabbed a finger at the arcane symbol in the floor behind him”

“Yeah,” Lunar replied suddenly serious again, “Darien and you were into some heavy stuff. You seriously can’t remember all that? The whole curse thing? Him?”

“Him?” Jeremiah asked.

“Can’t say his name round here, just Him. He was a Demon that possesed Darien, although Darien got rid of him in the end. Not before the Demon Darien caused a lot of trouble mind, but then so did you.”

“What kind of trouble,” Jeremiah asked, dreading the possibilities running wild in his mind.

“Y’know, stuff. Look, why don’t you talk to Frau Lowey over at the Baron’s place. She’ll be able to help.”

“OK, but where is the Baron’s place? And who is the Baron? And Frau Lowey for that matter?”

Lunar sighed heavily, bored with the conversation “Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. Europa Consulate. Go and talk to Annechan Lowey, she lives there. I gotta fly.” He turned and began to walk out but stopped at the steps to the door, “Don’t touch that thing,” he nodded to the pentacle, “in fact don’t touch anything. And say hi to Ama for me.”

“Ama? Who’s that?” Jeremiah asked.

“Your granddaughter,” Lunar said as he slipped through the dark doorway…


To be continued…
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  1. Oh that had a nicely authentic feel to it. So have you had direct experience in dealing with teenagers, or is this just drawn from the experience of having been one yourself (or so we may assume)?

    Well either way, it was fun. And intriguing. So many questions to be answered.

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