The Twittering Masses

A nice hattip over in NWN from Opensource Obscure led me to a-thinking about my twittering habits & how they affect my SL life.

First off let me tell you that splitting off my RL tweets from my SL tweets by opening a seperate RL account was both the best and worst thing I’ve done to my SL account. The best because it saved my SL friends from reading all my day-to-day rubbish and profane language use, but the worst because it pretty killed off my SL account. You see it turns out I tweet about RL most of the time – work, family, food, TV, the usual bollocks that most folks on twitter do and most folks not on twitter scoff at us for. My poor old SL account was overnight reduced to a signposting service for my blog (Hey! I’ve added a post here!) that I robbed even further when I then split off all my other various in-world personalities and gave them twitter accounts too so all their tweets bypassed my first account as well.

Still, what this has done, as I said, is save my followers from too much me by spreading the signal and noise load across my accounts so followers who want to know about TSMGO but not about hbahimself and couldn’t care a tinker’s cuss about the RL me can do just that. I’m like the Subway of twitter, me 🙂

The signal to noise ratio is important in twitter as anyone who has tried to catch up over breakfast will know. The sheer number of tweets to trawl through can be daunting, and that’s before you try to sort out the interesting ones from the shite. Ye Gods! I manage this by grouping – I simply bung all my incoming RL or SL tweets into a folder marked, unsurprisingly, SL or RL and then never-to-rarely look at them. A select few I have copied into a third folder and those I look at – this keeps my reading and replying time down to a minimum. It’s not to say the ones I never-to-rarely look at are crap, it’s just a line has to be drawn somewhere (Hey! I don’t get paid for this IT shite like Hamlet you know 😀 ). For instance, look at the prolific @Doubledown_InSL – he passes on some great info and links, but often tweets so many at once it floods my phone and I can’t take the infodump. Now other folks out there will love this sheer thwack of data, but I prefer to read less tweets than that and find myself thumbing past great swathes of them in one go. Why follow these folks, you may ask – good question! Sometimes it’s out of a sense of polite duty, sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s because they carry good stuff but I simply can’t take every tweet they send out on board – whatever the reason, most followers are sent to the RL or SL folder until I know a) do I like them, b) do they flood me and if the answers are YES & NO then they come back out for my ongoing enjoyment.

You may think that’s a shitty way to treat folks. Ah well. Have a cup of tea and a sit down and forget about it. After all, it’s only bloody twitter and not anything important you know.

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