Snapshot Tip via Osprey

Back in March I read on Osprey’s blog about a great little hack that has really speeded up my SL experience – having the recipient email address field pre-filled when using the “Postcard” snapshot option. It’s hard to explain as I’m not very technically minded, but you just edit a small XML file and drop the required email address in and that’s it – next time you press the SEND button, your chosen email address is there meaning you don’t have to type or C&P it. I used my Flickr address until a few days ago when I joined Snapzilla – now I use the system/address they provide that sends my pics to Snapzilla *and* Flickr 🙂

Go here for the post from Osprey.
Go here for a free XML editor
Make a copy of the floater_postcard.xml file BEFORE you edit it, peeps 🙂

EDIT (16th June 2010): Here is the text of Osprey’s post for ease of reference:

I knew it was possible however just never bothered to fiddle around to make a default email address show in the Snapshot pane, but this morning I was searching the jira and ran across an old issue
with Dedric Mauriac’s very helpful comment at the bottom:

After talking with SignpostMarv Martin, I found that I could edit the floater_postcard.xml file and define the default email addresses with the following line:

()email adress goes here()

(<) = ) = >
Obfuscation added by me intentionally.
Easier to see it on the jira as Blogger and Linkification alter the code if I don’t change it.
So I added the address I wanted and it works perfectly.


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