Blogs I Lurve: Dale’s Place

I think I first came across Dale’s name in either a comment on Prok’s blog or a rant by Prok about him – time and tide have eroded details. Likewise I can’t recall when I started reading Dale’s blog except to say to my shame it was only quite recently. Dale is a very interesting chap indeed and his blog is a great mix of light hearted fun and serious observations about what it means to live in a virtual world. Like Osprey’s blog I like this one because it’s essentially positive about SL – oh, and he always engages in comment chat too which is often a deal-breaker in whether I visit a blog or not(1).

So whether you are looking to read about avatar trans-gender arguments, thoughts on the friendships created in-world or just some light-hearted but sharply intelligent banter about being virtual, get along to Dale’s blog.


(1) There are only a few blogs I read where the author doesn’t do much in the comment section, but that’s because I know the author well enough to know they aren’t simply ignoring their readers. I’ve said it before, I’m a comment whore and love the interaction comments offer.



  1. Awww, ty! /me blushes attractively.

    I like your space, too; I also envy your finding the time to get in pieces of fiction (illustrated, at that!). I’ve done that like 1.5 times, and always intend to do more…

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