Blogs I Lurve: Osprey’s Mighty Atomic Raygun

I’m sure you know Osprey by now – she has featured in such a huge part of my life and therefore this blog over the last two years that if you hadn’t read her name or seen her picture here I’d be very surprised.

Catalyst, instigator, firebrand, all-round creative genius Osprey is a one-woman ideas dynamo responsible for some of the fun-est things in world, including the sublime vaudeville show “The Show Must Go On”.

Her blog is a daily meditation on anything and everything – from some of the most complex ideas generated by possibilities offered by SL to memories and observations from her rather singular and fascinating life. Once you start reading you’ll not only be hooked (luckily she posts daily, unlike me :-D) but you’ll want to read back to find out more.

Osprey is a true exponent of virtual worlds and what they can offer and is always positive about the direction of SL, that in itself is a refreshing change in Blogland 🙂 Go now and add her to your links.



  1. I love and appreciate the subtle connections she gleans from seemingly disparate sources. These gems are strewn here and there all throughout her (almost) daily posts. I concur, HeadBurro!

  2. I say “almost,” because sometimes her ‘puter just can’t take all the posting/machinema-ing/photoing/texturing/SL-ing/animating and erupts into a vibrant display of smoke and sparks, putting the kibosh on that particular day’s entry. Luckily her trusty Good Man In Charge Of ‘Puter Wrangling gets it smacked back into shape and she can carry on as if nothing “untoward” (as Madame Creme Caramel would say) had occurred.

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