Hunting Goodies In The Avarian Expedition

NOTE: Due to a donkey brain (i.e. me!) using a January 2008 date to publish this post (written in Dec 08 for a Jan 09 release) no one has ever seen the words and picture below, so I’m re-publishing it now as this place & game really deserves all the publicity it gets!

Way back in November 08 I saw a report on New World Notes about a new game in town that grabbed my attention – a resource hunt in the amazing Avarian sims beneath the famous Grendel’s Children. Since the virtual demise of SL Games, it’s rare to see these reports and I try and follow them when they crop up even though I’m almost always disappointed. In this case I can say I was not 🙂

The basic idea is similar to The Wastelands (another area I’ve played in and enjoyed) in that you wander about, find things and then blend them to make other things (which can in tun make other things). In The Wastelands the goodies fell from the sky to be found on the road, but in The Avarian Expedition you have to sweat a little for your finds.

To start, you have to buy a pack from Grendle (for an amazingly cheap 35L$) that it contains two hand tools and two HUD (for each of the tools) that you attach. As you wander about the landscape the HUD changes colour to tell you if you are near a resource – when you are, you activate the tool and dig away like a scavenging fool until you find something. That something might be grass or a twig or another such bounty of the earth and it it these treasures you can combine to make other things. All in some of the most amazing surrounds SL has to offer 🙂

Here is a brief photo record of my first steps into this wonderful game…

First off, get the pack (and practice using it on the rock nearby):
Avarian Expedition

Avarian Expedition Avarian Expedition

Get your sorry behind down to the Avarian lands (you can TP, I like to fall…):
Avarian Expedition

Start looking (use the HUDs to guide you…):
Avarian Expedition

Avarian Expedition

Check all of the sims…
Avarian Expedition

And don’t be afraid to take your horse out for a stretch too…
Avarian Expedition

You never know how many new friends you’ll meet out a’hunting too 🙂
Avarian Expedition

So go… grab a kit and join the hunt – the weather is fine and we could all do with the exercise after Xmas 😉

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