Backpacking Burro: A Recap

As promised dear reader, following the recent post about rebooting this tale, here is a whistle stop recap of my tale before I continue in its telling – pin back your ears and ask any questions you may have at the end 🙂 You can read the previous posts here.

A short while ago(1) I had taken myself off for a trek through the beautiful forest of Kahruvel when I came across a backpack I presumed lost by a fellow walker. Finding no one near and having no one answer my calls, I resolved to return the pack to the Cowell lighthouse where the forest’s guardian, one Salazar Jack, could look at contacting the owner. As soon as I donned the backpack it rendered me unconscious and fell into a troubled state resembling dream-laden sleep where I imagined I was being remoulded and reformed by powers beyond my understanding. I awoke transformed from fully human to half gazelle, terrified and confused!

I ran as fast as my legs would bear me (which, being half gazelle, turned out to be impressively fast) for the village south of the forest only to find it empty bar a strange old man who proclaimed himself a shaman and said he knew what had happened to me. He claimed I had been chosen and, using a powerful narcotic, allowed me to enter a strange other-world where I met powerful forces of nature called The Elders as well as the capricious and playful sprit known as The Elemental that, it appeared, was my backpack. They told me of a network of energy that lay behind and under all the universes and it was on this ‘grid’ of lines and nodes that Linden Lab built their world on top of a much older world destroyed in a cataclysm called The Great Erase. This terrible event was believed to have been caused by an echo of a much older apocalypse in a different dimension, a terrible battle of powers known as The Last Great Shamanic War.

For thousands of years, across the dimensions, a few were chosen to maintain the balance and flow of the energy but the great power invested in some worked only to corrupt them until a once noble order of shamen splintered into opposing camps, some seeking to protect the land and people whilst others fought to control and dominate. A war broke out that soon escalated until worlds throughout the multiverse were laid to waste leaving a death toll beyond reckoning in its wake. To halt its spread The Elders fractured the grid and sent elements of themselves into existence to act as peacemakers. These Elementals fought long and hard to secure peace and eventually the renegade shamen were defeated. A treaty was created, the shamen had their ability to link to the grid energy removed and throughout reality regulating nodes were constructed in which resided Elementals tied into the very fabric of both the treaty and the grid. In this manner they ensured that no one person could ever break the treaty and wield the powers that had very nearly torn reality apart, the ripples and echoes of which were, and are, still being felt throughout the multiverse.

Whilst wandering through the forest I had a terrifying vision of the end of the Last Great War in which creatures called the Formorians who journeyed between worlds in huge voidborne wooden ships, laid waste to a terrified exodus of people. Upon waking from this vision, I made me way to a nearby wooden lookout where I planned to spend the night before returning to the village…


(1) Time moves differently here – who knows when it was really? July 2007? July 2008? Last week? Does when matter or is the fact it happened all that counts?


  1. You are one lucky mantelope, to be alive at all! The power that you describe has shattered lesser beings in a nanosecond. Wield it wisely, o Ungulate of the Mysteries!

  2. Do you think it’s possible that Nautilus City was the site of some sort of energy-balancing outpost? The previous inhabitants of that region seem to have had the ability to harness the flow of power through their crystalline constructs. Many of the places we explored there seem to focus on the lensing, channeling and dispersal/emitting of highly charged particles. Maybe there was good reason that it was hidden from view for so long.

  3. The entire space-time continuum thingie is highly overrated and confusing anyway. Most of the time I find myself still in the 19th century, so what’s a year or two among friends?

  4. @Sal: It certainly crossed my mind when we explored that old temple. I still wonder how and why they were hidden from the world for so long – the grid in this part of the multiverse must have the equivalent of a power routing station… somewhere to control the flow of energy and allow it to be vented in case of overload. I fancy that it warrants further exploration…

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this to infer an impropriety. In fact, I would say, “Great minds think alike!”I’m just pointing out the similarity and possible connection or coincidentally occurring same construction that may, perhaps, indicate that similar processes work in multiple realms. In fact, that they both may serve similar purposes just makes the whole idea that much more likely! It’s like what you’ve referred to/inferred with the connections between seemingly disparate stories. Each is made more real with the connections between them and the richer deeper world that develops when those connections form a more intricate web.

    1. Thank you! I’m taking great pains to try and link so mnay things up, it’s nice when folks notice 🙂 Speaking of which, did you see the mention of the Great Erase here?

      I’ve had another “parallel thought” recently – I wrote this about Ryne Beck ( only to then read about this weeks later purely by chance ( I really thought I’d had an original thought there. Sigh.

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