TSMGO Show Times: Sat 4th July at 2pm & 2:50pm SLT

Come one, come all and see the unveiling of a great new act… Free admission and shows at 2pm and 2:50pm- bring friends and popcorn!
TSMGO Poster for 4th July 09 shows



  1. Oh dude.

    that was such a hoot.

    I laughed.

    I cried.

    It became a part of me.

    And it gave me something to think about: That the term “thinning the herd” applies even to trained fleas.

    I was somewhat thinking in this direction after the high dive flea went gesplat (poor aim, bad eyesight?). And I was utterly convinced after the pyro flea set himself alight ( bad eye-leg coordination? simple terminal stupidity?) — But yes, clearly this was not an entertainment, but an edutainment about some kind of Darwinian natural selection process thingy that goes on in your world.

  2. LOL! I tell you, that Professor Antfarmoffski should be investigated by the Royal Society for Protection of Cruelty against Fleas, Ticks and Bed Bugs!

    Hope you can persuade some Deadwoodonians to come to the next shows 🙂

  3. Madam! I do hope you are in no way accusing or insinuating that I had any hand in the tragic loss of all my beautiful fleas! If such a rumour were to spread, I shall be instructing my lawyers to visit the town of Deadwood and serve you with a writ demanding you cease any and all slanderous actions!

    Yours with the greatest of respect,
    Professor Headonious Antfarmoffski

  4. Not at all, Hon. I wouldn’t dream of implying you had a conscious role in thinning the herd. That’s why it’s called “natural” selection. Obviously you had just had the misfortune to pick a run o’ critters with some characteristics (bad eyesight, poor judgment, thick-headedness, etc.) that led to those poor hapless beasties bein’ eliminated from the trained flea gene pool.

    Maybe they all came from the union of first cousins or something like that?

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