Looking for a new home

I’ve been in SL for two and a half years now, man & gazelle, but I’ve never really had a home. Even my currnt home point is the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos because that means I can beam back there if I crash out during a show.

Best I can recall is:
I was born in Braunsworth I think – I can no longer remember as I never stayed there but went wandering.
I ended up in Nova Albion but only to camp.
I moved to an abandoned infohub in Murray.
I bought a small plot on a private island called Gembong East.
I finally made my home point the theatre when the show quickly became the most important thing in my SL.

Apart from Murray I have never been part of a fixed community, and even that was just standing around chatting and booting griefers. I don’t count the show as although the troupe are my friends, it’s not a fixed community and, with only a small number of exceptions, there is no interaction outside the show. I have wonderful friends in SL, but timezones mean I rarely see them beyond the show. I need a purpose to come in-world and outside of the show I’m struggling.

I guess what I’m suffering from is loneliness.

I’m willing to bet that when Darien Mason contacted me about writing with him in The Lost Journal he had no idea what he would set in motion; I certainly didn’t. I want to be part of a wider comminty of roleplayers and writers. I want to feel the energy of creation I get from writing and taking photos. I want to have adventures and fun outside the show, and not just on my own all the time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been exploring, on this blog and others, what it means to roleplay in SL and I’ve moved from a place where I wanted the perfect sim/RP experience served on a plater, to wanting to get in with a far more open and looser system. But where?

Caledon has always scared me because of its size – too easy to simply get lost I think and my views on it have been coloured by an earlier attempt to find a sort of home there. New Babbage is amazing but I don’t have the skills needed to be there – it’s a big boys place. Nova Albion/Bay City are places I have lots of love for but Bay City more about city life there and Nova Albion’s roleplaying days seem long behind it. Cowell/Kahruvel are places I simply adore but nothing goes on there. Outside of that it’s all film and book roleplaying and outside of a 1940s noir setting I’m not that interested (1).

But one name keeps coming up. One name that seems to involve community and lightness of touch that appears to allow a hell of a lot of creative roleplay to spring up despite not being a roleplay sim. It’s a place that takes in strays, a category I think I fall smack bang into. That place is called Steelhead.

I think this is it. I’m almost certain I’m going to move, abandon my beloved old HBA Island forever and find a new home with new stories to tell, ones where I’m not the only voice and player.


(1) Especially in frigging vampires.


  1. Hon, good luck with this. Everyone needs to find a home…even if it’s between the straps of your own backpack.

  2. My problem is getting there – in between RL duties like work in the day & then The Boy’s bath and bedtime in the evening, it’s hard getting on the computer at times. And then in with my SL duties like land management & show rehearsals, I’m finding it damnably hard to get to the city for a good looksee 😦

    But I shall triumph!

  3. Your essay caught me by surprise and made me think about my SL “home.” Like you, I can’t really remember where I started out three years ago, but I’ve never really had a place to call “home” either. Sure, I have a login point, I have two wonderful spaces for my artwork, and I have cherished friends that I enjoy being with. But somehow I’ve never gotten around to “My Home” and sometimes it feels like an empty space in my virtual existence. Maybe I’m just a wanderer at heart and don’t need a home, or maybe I am subconsciously projecting the ephemerality of life (virtual or otherwise) and eschew the notion of a digital home, or maybe I am simply afraid to create one…

  4. Come to Raglan and be tiny! We have a whole contingent of people from the UK and Europe who are on when you are on. And the community there is nothing to sneeze at, broken chat notwithstanding.

  5. @Sun: I think it’s taken me by surprise too. Starting writing with Darien unlocked what I’ve wanted to do since I joined SL (or started the blog at least). Like I ay, I think I need to be somewhere I can boue ideas off like minded folks and gather some form of creative satidfaction. Stay tuned to see how I get on and drop in on me any time in-world – come and see one of out free shows (http://tsmgo.blogspot.com)

    @Wen: I had thought of it you know, but I’m looking for a darker RP experience that you wondeful timies offer. If I had more time online, I’d so love to be part of Ragaln as ell as my other lives, but until then I’ll just be an occasional visitor 🙂 God but you tinies RAWK!

  6. Long live the fish? I see I have missed out on a large section of Steelhead’s history here 😀

    p.s. I love the fact that the automatically generated monster iconis pale and has big pointy ears 🙂

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