The Lost Journal: A Tough Nut To Crack

The silt and ink slowly settled in the small cave, the octopus was still and content with its victory. A stillness lay on all and even the blinking red ‘LAUNCH’ button seemed to blink less fiercely.



A tiny tremor in the water, a small movement in the sinking silt.

Stillness again.

With an eruption of violence, the octopus burst into motion, its eyes wide with fear and agony. Beneath its bulk its cruelly sharp beak was opened as if in a stuttering scream. Inside the darkness of its all conquering maw, Sally forced the beasts mouth open and slowly, slowly crawled her way out. The mouth snapped shut behind her and she scuttled as fast as her legs would manage up and around the octopus’ head where she sunk her powerful claw deep into the creature’s eye. There was a wet pop and the water filled with blood and ink as the octopus all but went insane.
The Lost Journal - Sally shows who the boss is

A furious tentacle snaked its way around her and flung her with all its might away from the beast. As she skimmed past the missile, she lashed out with a perfectly timed swipe of her ichor covered claw and slapped the blinking button down hard.
The Lost Journal - Sally Flies Free

As she span away into the dark of the ocean, a smile crossed her mouth parts as she saw the missile ignite and fill the entire cave with boiling flames before streaking through the sea and into the sky.
The Lost Journal - Sally Launches the missile

The last thing she thought as she sailed over the edge of the bottomless ridge was that she hoped the furry man with the horns wasn’t under wherever that missile was heading…

To be continued…



  1. This is why it’s good to chew your food a whole bunch before trying to swallow it. Otherwise it may climb out of your mouth and stab you in the freakin’ eyeball. Obviously the octopus’s mom never told him (her?) that. It’s like the rule about not running while holding scissors or live crabs. Yeah, it’s all fun and games for a while and then someone’s eye gets put out…

    and btw…

    Go Sally.

  2. Hurrah! I just knew the old girl had it in her, er, that the octopus had her in it, er, that in the ancient spineless war between crustacea and cephalapoda, the one with a bigger weaponry would eventually have their comeuppance. And Sally has such a darling smile.

  3. What, no? No! I’m sure I caught sight of more intercontinental ballistic missile silos in the gloom of the abyss as she spun away. She mush have landed on her feet – all eight of them! How can you kill off the most charismatic and resourceful of all your fictional characters before the day is won? What will those men and half-man do without a female crab to rescue them from their misguided and malformed plans?

  4. Hey! You can’t blame me for the actions of that ruddy octopus! I was dead against him moving in from the start, but I was outvoted!

    I hope Sally is OK… maybe there are some shrimp down there, do you think?

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