The Lost Journal: For A Leviathan’s Light

The branches snapped and slashed at me as the natives dragged me through the jungle. I still had no idea how I had been captured by them or where Mason was. I hoped to whatever God I could think of they hadn’t killed him as without him there was little hope of destroying the temple and stopping the Leviathan from opening a dimensional gateway to who knew what horrors.

My head was slowly clearing but I soon found that asking questions of my captors merely lead to a sharp punch and so after a few attempts I didn’t bother trying again. Instead I took to straining against my restraints but they were too tight and strong to escape. I had no option but to go with the natives and I had a sick feeling in my gut about where they were taking me.

Walking for what I guessed was a couple of hours, the sun was slowly breaking through the jungle canopy and mist when the leader stopped and barked an order to the ones behind me. We all stopped and he turned to face me – behind the mask I could see his broken yellowed teeth as his lips curled into an evil smile. He shouted into my face, slapping and hitting me as he did so. Whatever his message, I knew enough to realise I was in serious trouble.

The men behind me pushed me hard and I cannoned through the undergrowth and into a clearing where I tumbled to the ground and rolled painfully to a stop with my face close to a large stone block. Looking slowly up, my heart sank as I saw the slowly spinning form of the Leviathan above me. I began to push myself away with my feet, but hands grabbed me and pulled me to my feet before a solid kick into the back of my legs dropped me to my knees.

My tormentor appeared again, grinning at me, gesticulating at first me and then the slowly turning portal me with his cruel-looking blade. He may have been shouting in a language I didn’t understand, but I knew what he meant all too well. I was going to be sacrificed to the Leviathan, here and now.

From somewhere behind me my backpack was thrown to the ground. For a wild second or two I wondered if all this was about simply robbing me. Then a sickening realisation settled upon me – the pack was a dimensional gate! They must need it to kick-start their own. I looked up at the Leviathan and saw with horror that its spinning had increased in speed and a greenish glow was filling the air around it.

Suddenly my horns were yanked backwards and my throat exposed. I struggled as best I could, but the native behind me leered down at me, spittle running from his mouth into my face. In the bottom of my field of vision I could see their leader moving towards me past my prone backpack, his knife held out sharp and ready…

To be continued…


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