The Lost Journal: The Doctor’s Many Worlds

“There exist,” Doctor Mason started “more worlds than this one. Many more.” I glanced down at my backpack, “Some of these worlds resemble ours, and some are wholly alien. The creatures that inhabit them are equally as alien and amongst their number are some of great and terrible power.”

The night closed in on us as the Doctor spoke, the fire seemed to dim and it’s warmth became less noticeable, even the jungle creatures were quieter, as if they were listening in. “The Leviathan?” I ventured.

“No, that is merely a doorway. Our worlds, whilst separate can be joined, but it is not an easy task. Doorways need to be created and opened and maintained and such a feat takes a considerable amount of power, whether than be through means to our minds conventional in their scientific approach or other more… esoteric methods.”

“So if the Leviathan is a doorway, what is it a doorway to?” I asked.

“That I do not know, and if I am honest do not want to. Mostly. Some of these worlds; some of these creatures are so totally alien to us that our three dimensional minds simply could not process their multi-dimensional information they present and we would, in all likelihood, go irrevocable insane in the spot. That or our brains would melt.”



“Bloody hell.”

“I imagine it is, yes. So you see why we must close the doorway. Why we must not risk feeding it the energy needed to open it.”

“Quite. But why has it remained closed? Why did Leviathan appear in the first place if not to open there and then?” I asked.

“Who knows? The lightening strike seems to have provided the initial energy boost needed to reveal the doorway, but it needs a lot more to created the link and open both sides.” Mason said. Throughout his rich rumbling voice had remained steady, calming. I was very much in his world I felt, despite my experiences with my backpack and its contained Elemental. “Anyway, tomorrow morning we will collapse the temple on top of it and drive the accursed thing back into the earth where it belongs.”

“Until someone else digs it up,” I said.

“Ahhh, I had thought of that my dear chap,” he reached into his frock coat and pulled out a short dark tube covered in silver filigree of a design I felt oddly familiar. “In here is a ward seal. We just have to read the incantation inside and toss the whole thing into the hole. It will, in effect, break the door meaning it can never be linked to any other door. It will kill the Leviathan stone dead, my friend.”

I finished my cigar, smiled broadly and tossed the butt into the fire, “I feel better already Jeremiah, better already.”

“Good chap! Now, I suggest we get some sleep as we will have a lot or rowing ahead of us tomorrow, eh?” he grinned back at me.

To be continued…

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