The Lost Journal: Recap

This tale has grown a little bigger than I imagined and as the next installment if out very soon, I thought it was time for a recap.

Having found the washed-up journal and re-printing its horrific contents here, I posted it to Dr Darien Mason. His father, Jeremiah, received and opened the package and is on his way to help me destroy what he believes to be a very real danger from some ancient evil.

Keep reading and wish me luck… if Sally goes poking about in that nuke, I’m going to need it!

All the Lost Journal posts will be stored under this category “The Lost Journal” so you can catch up 🙂



    1. Ahh, Thank you! Looking back over my brief writing spell in SL, I seem to have a Lovecraftian bent I simply can’t shake… not that I want to 🙂

      Wait until you get to “Steal Head” – pure pulp Lovecraft!

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