A Trippy Tree House

An LM? Someone sent me a landmark? “Come,” it invited “and bear witness to Nish’s Star Shine!”(1) Always a lover of mysterious invites, I checked and donned my backpack and teleported over.

With the sound of a thousand ducks quacking in silence, I popped out of the strange third-space that enables teleportation and immediately felt the wind on my fur; cool and clear. I was high. I sniffed the air. About 450m high, thereabouts. I was in a large roundhouse with a conical roof. The doorway was wide and open with a beautiful tree growing next to it. I stood beneath its bows and gazed down at the world beneath me – and the view was stunning. Directly below me was Kekekabic(2) and all around stretched the continent of Sansara with snowy mountains to the west and an inland sea to the east, its waters darkening as evening gave way to twilight.
Nish's Star Shine

Nish's Star Shine

Nish's Star Shine

Nish's Star Shine

I moved back inside the hut where there were only two things to catch my eye. One was a sign from Nish encouraging me to “Jump in the fire and be Reborn!” and the other was a hole cut into the floor in front of the sign in which flames flickered and twittered.
Nish's Star Shine

Nish's Star Shine

What could I do but dive in?

I fell and fell and fell…
Nish's Star Shine

Through darkness and cold until…
Nish's Star Shine

I emerged into a universe of colour and motion and sound!
Postcard from Second Life.

Pure grid energy exploded around me, spinning and dancing about me. A singularity continually recycling and renewing it, pulling it in and spewing it out anew. A globe passed close by and before I knew it I was as one with it. I found myself meditating and at peace.
Nish's Star Shine

I closed my eyes and felt the world around me slipping away. When I opened them again, I was adrift on a calm, blue ocean.
HBA Floating

Had it all been a dream? Did the floating treehouse and its trippy secret really exist? And most importantly of all, where was I and how would I get back? NISSSSSH!

Fin. Quack.

(1) I paraphrase…

(2) Also the home of Nish’s Explorer’s Cafe and shop – see my previous post here.


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