What I hate about WordPress…

After that strong opening, let me say that I LOVE WordPress. I love its ease of set up. I love its look and feel. I love its widgets and options and tinker-ability. I just love it. Next to its 52inch plasma screen HD beauty, Blogger looks like a clunky old portable TV with hoop aerial and no remote (1).

But what I do hate about WordPress is how frigging hard it is to use on a phone. I don’t mean to read – that’s easy enough (3), but rather to edit a post which is a full-on knacker-throb of godlike proportions.

WP recently revamped their dashboard and it looks ace on the laptop or PC – all lovely drop down arrow menus and roll-over menus and mmmmm, just lovely. Really easy to use. Really lovely. But really, REALLY hard for my windows mobile powered phone running Opera Mobile 4.5 beta to deal with. SO VERY REALLY HARD.

This is a typical example – yesterday two posts were published at once due to an oversight on my part when scheduling them. No worries, just pop in and change one to a later date and it’s gone. 30 to 60 seconds on my PC. Fully 30 fucking minutes on my phone. THIRTY FUCKING MINUTES. By the end it was a battle of wills. I won. But it was a pyrrhic victory at best.

The problem seems to be (4) that the fancy dashboard page and roll-over menus take so bloody long to load or render in Opera Mobile that it’s almost impossible to navigate a page, let alone change something and press the publish/update button.

What we (by ‘we’ I mean the WP WM community, i.e. ME!) need is an app that at the very least allows for easy logging into the blog and editing of posts. I’d really like a sync option so I can alter a post offline and then just upload the changes, but this may be asking for a blowjob off God for all I know (see 4). There is one app I know of that sync to WP, TBlogger, but the developer isn’t working on it any more and it’s not stable on the latest WM so is bugger all use. Gah!

Look, any app developers out there be advised that I’d pay cold hard cash for a good WordPress blogging app. Get to work you devilish little code monkeys. In the meantime, I’ll post this via the email-to-blog system WordPress have just introduced. Nice, but not how I want to blog (5).


(1) I’ve no real idea about LiveJournal but that seems ok – maybe a 28inch flatscreen LCD to stretch the metaphor a bit further. Other ones I can only guess at. They all seem a bit Social Networky to me. I write a blog so I, ME, MOI can have a platform to shout into your earhole about how brill I am. I do not want people voting how much they liked my posts. I want them to put funny and witty comments after the posts so I can carry on being amusing with my amusing friends. I am, as I have said, a selfish social networker. If I had a wall, only I could write on it, although I would welcome amusing post-it notes from others. Selfish you see (2).

(2) Ohh, and I LOVE reading other people’s blogs – I want them to amuse and/or charm me with their brilliant posts and I want them to extend the fun into the comments section too. I’m not so selfish that I expect anything different than I offer on my own blog. Tsk, what do you take me for? But I usually drop blogs very quickly if I get no reply in the comments. I’m easily hurt like that.

(3) Flash embedded stuff is a problem, but that’s hardly WP’s fault – come on Adobe, sort it out! And Opera Mobile, for god’s sake just replace flash embeds with a picture rather than struggling manfully on before crashing out and weeping in a corner, you dolt.

(4) What do I know? Fuck all at the last count.

(5) Here’s my Wish List for a mobile WordPress blogging app:
Has to support multiple WP blogs & users – I have more than one blog 🙂
Has to work offline – I write all posts offline and publish later.
Has to be able to edit all aspects of a live post easily.
Has to include Categories and Tags.
Has to include Cut & Paste (not as often included as you’d think!)
Has to be able to embed links.
Would like a HTML & WYSIWYG edit view for creating new or editing existing posts.
Would like to sync with blog.
Would like to include the Extract section.
Would like to see the Media section so I can include saved Media into posts.
Would LOVE it is it also handled other blogging platforms (like MoBlog does) as I am part of Blogger blogs too.



  1. Phew! Finished your rant ?
    Just get over it you grumbling horned blogger you :))))

    I was actually going to ask you what you edited your posts on I didn’t realise you could do all that or at least some of it on a phone, amazing. Wish me happy RL birthday for tommorow.

  2. haha yeah, you’re complaining that it’s hard to edit posts on your weblog from your TELEPHONE? hahaha you young ppls… 🙂

  3. @Nishmip LOL, I know, but I do so love a rant every now and then ;-D And Happy (belated) Birthday mate! What did you get & what did you do?

    @Daleinnis LOL – what can I say? I’m just down wiv da kidz. Or sommat 🙂

    @osprey I’ll admit, Blogger is OK. I fell out of love with it after it made a post with lots of text-photo-text-photo look dreadful and I still say that WordPress makes posts look better… neater I think. I’ve fallen back in a little bit of love with Blogger since we started the TSMGO blog, but even then the dashboard features of WP (those which choke my phone browser) are far supieror to Blogger. Blogger just looks… old I think.

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