Nish’s Explorer’s Cafe

My mate Nish is on a road trip (well, sea trip mainly, but you know what I mean) and when she opened a blog to document it I found out she had a shop & cafe. I had to go!

Located on a sim crossing in Kekekabic (huh? who makes these names up?), her shop straddles the linden road that runs through it (it reminded me of Shyft’s old place in Monstara which did the same) and looks amazing. I especially love the working ssteam train on the roof!
Nish's Cafe

Under the train is a lovely little steamy eco-system – it’s crying out for some cute little frogs and I think I’ll send some I find on my wanderings to Nish for re-homing 🙂
Nish's Cafe

The bridge leads across the road to the cafe itself – just look at the old chugger!
Nish's Cafe

The cafe is as welcoming as the owner – the walls have slideshows where Nish will add photos from the members of her Quest explorer’s group (join up and send her your snapshots!) and you can buy her many fab creations here (the Star Wars binocs are lovely, but your really must get yourself one of her trains or the Quest 1 Explorer’s Vehicle)
Nish's Cafe

So drop on by, relax and plan the start of your own road trip adventure!
Nish's Cafe

SLURL to be added 🙂


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