The Lost Journal. Part 4.

Extract from the journal of Dr Headonious Burro of Miskatonic University

Thursday 6th May 1909

6am – Professor Delcon and Professor Heron set off into the interior about half an hour ago. I must admit I have slept little in the last few hours, but poor Professor Delcon looked exhausted. I hope they find Professor Ellison before she hurts herself.

1pm – Those blasted, godforsaken natives have gone! They turned on Professor Vestel and ran away. If it hadn’t been for Professor Ruttenberg and his trusty pistol, I dread to think what harm would have come to her. I can not understand what has gotten into them. Professor Vestel had set them to the task of clearing the dig site after last night’s storm. Things started well, but almost as soon as they came to the location of the lightning strike, they became restless and agitated. Professor Vestel had a devil of a time getting them to work until suddenly one of them took a shovel above his head as if to strike her! Professor Ruttenberg was passing (taking a break from listening to the sweet soothing voice of AMAT – Professor Ruttenberg is a good man, but for some reason he fails to share my delight at the sounds of AMAT constantly voicing strange sounds that seem so familiar as if I have heard them in my dreams) and he managed to blast the shovel out of the native’s hands. They scattered like the vermin they are and melted back into the jungle. Professor Vestel is in her tent under sedation from Dr Hidayat and Professor Ruttenberg is once more back with AMAT. I have suggested he draft Professor McMillan into his work, that way he can have distraction from the warm soothing babble of the recalibrating AMAT. Maybe I should help…

8pm – Night is drawing in and we have had neither sight nor sound of the search party. I harbour a fear that the fleeing locals may have found them and harmed them in reprisal. But no! I can not entertain such thoughts. Professor Heron is armed and Professor Delcon is an experienced camper. I’m sure they have just set up camp somewhere safe rather than risk a journey through a dark jungle.

11pm – My god! The screams! The jungle drums started and then the screams, the terrible screams! It must be Delcon and Heron – the natives must have them!


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