Extracts from a Lost Journal

Dear Reader (I’ve counted),

Let me apologise for the posting of an undoubtably confusing extract from the journal of one Professsor Headionius Burro, a one time emminant schollar of Miskatonic University. I had intended to announce my plans to post this and further extracts before actually doing but I nallsed up and here is the introduction appearing *after* the first extract 🙂 Once I have them all posted, they’ll be organised under the tag The Lost Journal and the category SL Writing.

I came across the journal, sea-worn and fish-eaten, washed up on the shores of my jungle.
The Lost Journal 6

The Lost Journal 7
The leather bound tome was hard to open, and I fear many pages have been lost to the elements, but what I did find caused my mind to reel! I won’t give away too much, but suffice to say I do hope the whole thing turns out to be a hoax. If not I’m glad the good Professor never landed on my little slice of paradise…



  1. What an intriguing find! I will eagerly peruse the snippets of journal; Professor Burro’s contributions to our world’s archaeology are bound to be helpful in some way … aren’t they?

  2. Very interesting.. very interesting indeed. I wouldn’t write off those hard-to-read pages just yet. There may be a way to restore them if they are handled with care. I highly recommend the services of Marcos Fonzarelli and his excellent Spectroanalyser at the ARMORD LAB in Miramare, Nova Albion. He was able to restore some very faint writing on one of my great grandpa’s maps many years ago.

  3. OOC: This is a reprint of a series of notecards I’d writen, one a night for a week, to build the tension up for a horror themed party I had on my island. This was a few months before I met you guys (this would be May 07 – I think we all met in July – Aug 07. Although now it seems hard to believe there was time I *didn’t* know you!). The pictures are from that time too. I’m hoping to slowly dig out & post more of my old works.

  4. IC: I can only hope that what the good Professor found remains lost to the world forever, Enjah. I can not say too much, but please read on through the series and see…

    Thank you Sal – I hadn’t thought of Marco. If I do, I may need to enlist the help of Dr Mason in oder to stablise and contanin anything Marco’s wonderful machines may unleash…

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