The Lost Journal. Part 1

Extract of the journal of Dr Headionius Burro of Miskatonic University

Friday 30th April 1909

Finally! Finally we have reached the island and left the cramped and stinking confines of the boat. I must have a word with the Dean when we return and implore him not to use the services of Captain Forbid and his barely floating heap of foul junk, the (non-too-good-ship) SS Minimax. How I dread its return in two months. Still we are here now and the chance to stretch our legs and breathe some sweet clean air is more welcome than I ever thought possible.

The locals, a recalcitrant, shady bunch of nerdowells, were persuaded with various gaudy trinkets to help unload the dig supplies and set up camp. We set about removing the strange, heathen shack erected above the proposed dig site (a queer and rough affair in a kind of circle and with what could only have been a sacrificial fire in the centre).

As I write this, under the dappled light of a beautiful eucalyptus tree and surrounded by the soft purr of myriad iridescent hummingbirds, Professor Ruttenberg is unpacking the last of the digging equipment with Professor Delcon, whilst Professors McMillian and Heron are scouting the local area in an attempt to round up more of the oddly regressed locals to facilitate the rather ungentlemanly work of earth moving. Professor Vestal is working to calibrate the new calculation automaton, AMAT who will hopefully speed the identification and classification of finds. Poor Professor Ellison has taken badly to the heat here and has retired to her tent muttering darkly about Finnish winters.

All in all, this has been a most promising start to the dig. What on earth was old Armitage blithering on about? All here is so calm as to put one in mind of a little Arcadia…

The Lost Journal 1



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