Making Robots with Osprey

I’ve not been online much of late – it hassles gave way to family illness and I’ve not had much time to comee in-world. But I did manage to geet in for a bit to see Os & Enjah and Os cheered me right up with a great trip to a robot museum sim so we could have a go on Madcow Cosmos’ brilliant Robot Avatar Making Thingie!
Making Robots with Os

It’s dead simple – use the controls to choose the type of head, body, limbs, etc. you want & just press the button to make it. Poof! It appears in your inventory ready to wear!
Making Robots with Os

You can then move to the paintshop pad and alter the colour & texture of your new body.
Making Robots with Os

As you can see from above, I’m a fan of symmetry where as Os is far braver than me 🙂
Making Robots with Os

Here we both are, looking splendid!
Making Robots with Os

Even in robot form, I’m mind weepingly handsome 🙂
Making Robots with Os

Edit: SLURL is


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