The Burro has IT Woes

Just a quickie – my faithful (but shite) old laptop died last week and as I used that to pop in rather than my big old PC I’ve not been in much. No matter though, I still have the big old PC, don’t I. That is until the monitor ‘popped’ in the middle of Saturday’s TSMGO rehearsals. 0_o

No way of getting in world. ARGH!

The good news is I have bought a new lappy and new monitor so should be back very soon (it’ll take me a night or two to set up the lappy and a home network hard drive – bear with me).

In the meantime, I still have email and twitter on my beautiful wee phone (pleasedontbreakpleasedontbreakpleasedontbreak) so am not entirely cast adrift 🙂



  1. Sounds like my own experience.. As I like to tinker with things it’s got to the stage where I have 2 main machines so that one is always “almost healthy”

  2. Hiya Sal – I’ve set the blog to automatically give commentors without gravatars a special monster gravatar. As it’s based on the ISP or email (I forget the details) you should have the same one each time.

    But if you want your normal, handsome blue vizog all you have to do is sign up at – it’s free, easy and quick.

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