The Trials of Mobile Blogging

Did I mention I’ve got a fancy interwebz phone called the Xperia? Well I have and I’ve been trying to blog from it of late – but finding it somewhat frustrating because of one word… Windows. It runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and frankly it’s about as much fun as shitting needles.

It crashes. It needs restarting. It throws hissy fits. But still, I love it – it’s not as user friendly as the iPhone or as much fun as the Google Phone, but I think it’s twice as useful as either. But trying to find good apps for it is a real pain. I’ve now got a good chat program called Palringo and a great Twitter app called PockeTwit, but trying to find a good blogging tool that works with WordPress (the free one, not a self-hosted version) has proved a right old nut ache.

If you are searching for a mobile blogging app for Windows Mobile that can handle Wordress, let me save you a shedload of heartache. You have a realistic choice of two – both free, both unsupported – as far as I can tell:

1) moBlog. This is the simpler of the two, but handles more than just WordPress. The biggest problem I’ve found (and others in various reviews) is the lack of copy & paste, a huge draw back for blogging. But I’ve found a work around – pull up the on-screen keyboard and use the good old shortcuts of CTRL-C/V/X. Thank god for Windows 😉

2) TBlogger. This is a very clever WordPress only app that has everything and the kitchen sink in. But it also won’t let you c&p unless you use the on-screen keyboard. Still, that is not the biggest issue I have with it – the load time is huge! And occasionally it goes into the loading something in the background that freezes it up. I’ve left a comment on the author’s blog, but I don’t think he’s updating it anymore. If he does, then it’ll become my tool of choice, but until then its moBlog for me.

There you go – I hope you learn from my efforts. And I hope whatever Microsoft comes up with to replace Window Mobile is a hell of a lot more stable, expandable and, well, fun than the yawn fest that is 6.1. Oh, and if Adobe could please release a version of Flash for mobile, that would be rather lovely too.


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