All at sea to see what I could see

Wow! The Hunting Magellan forums have lit up again with a new possible sighting of the ill-famed suff – this time a bottle has been found bobbing in the recently gridded waters of the ocean sims east of Nautilus that made up Blake Sea. Spotted in ‘Blake Sea – Indian‘. The bottle contained a garbled message seemingly from the pilot of a downed plane. Now whilst this carelessness with transportation did indeed sound like our man, the few words that could be made out in the message did not:

Please rescue ~~~ ~~ name ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ and I’m a pilot for the Blake Sea ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ crashed, and I’m stuck on a tro~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ in ~~~ ~~~~~ part of the Blake Sea.
The plane went down near ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~.  My EPIRB must be broken.  I’m tired of eating fish!

I went right out there as soon as I could (photo record here) but couldn’t decide if it was from Magellan or not – my gut says it isn’t… watch this space!

Hunting for Magellan Linden in Blake Sea

Hunting for Magellan Linden in Blake Sea Hunting for Magellan Linden in Blake Sea

Hunting for Magellan Linden in Blake Sea

P.S. For more about the hunt, check out my Magellan Linden page which has all the links you’ll need to join the hunt and help us find the drunken old misery.



  1. Hey.

    Baker Bloch’s been snooping around the Blake Sea a bit as well, but I’ve not had the time to keep up with text for the photos. Not surprised that Magellan Linden would be connected to that sea as well, since it is adjacent to the Nautilus City/Island sea.

    Half Hitch Island is a must visit, though. It’s very close to that underwater, sealed temple room we chatted about before. I’ll just drop the SLurls in here to both of these fascinating locations.

    Great pics as usual here HBA!

  2. While I’m over here thought I’d alert u and others, in case u didn’t know, to the possible formation of a new continent to the *far far* east in the Linden grid. SLurl here (u can’t yet teleport in, but there appears to be a village of some kind centered around the Ursula 56 sim)…

    A bit more info here…

    Not sure if Ursula has anything to do with the rumored extensions of the Gaeta continent or not.

    Just keeping u informed — u may have already known about all this. 🙂

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