Left4Dead: An Ending…

As regular readers (hello mum*) will know, I’ve been playing a lot of Left4Dead of late and I finally got around to filming one of the climatic battles to show how insane it can be. This is a good example (although I apologise about the quality – any better or bigger and it suddenly jumps from 30Mb to over 180Mb – I don’t understand video…) as it shows the battle for surviabl at the end of a great chapter called Dead Air where the four survivors battle through the city to get to the airport only to find it all but destroyed. All four chapters follow this pattern with rescue being the point of the final battle, be it by heilcopter, plane, boat or arny truck. If you like gaming (and I know i’s not everyone’s cuppa) then I urge you to try this and come fight with me – just search for HBA (UK)

Please note: Before viewing this it is very violent and gory and realistic – not for the weak of stomach.
p.s. I’ve changed the link to show a bigger, better quality one – be warned it is 132Mb!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1797972&dest=-1]

* HA! My mum is the last prson on Earth who would read my drivel – she’s right behind my dad.


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