Dancing the night away

I popped in world last night – can’t remember what for, just popped in and immediately wished I hadn’t. Recent events haven’t exactly made me want to be there, but at the same time I have a pull I can’t ignore. Anyhoo, as I’ve been twittering like a leaky tweet duct of late, I decided to pop over to Ordinal Malaprop’s shop and re-acquire her free (but drop her a tip if you get one) in-world twittering device, the TwitterBox.

After attaching and setting up (and tweeting) I was at a loss once again for something to do. Well, plenty to do, but all such lonesome activities that I just found I simply could not be bothered. For a wandering mantelope, I’m actually very social creature, you see. So, what to do? I pulled the map and stared at just how big Caledon had become (I still recall when it was but a few sims and I planned to explore and write about them all – I never got to it and now it is HUGE!). As with all places in SL, the map was almost empty of the green dots that represent people except for two places. One I knew was the newbie rezzing area and so, in a spirit of pure nosiness, I headed to the other.

The TP brought me out some distance from the gathering and as the sim slowly rezzed around me I walked over to it only to find a mall party in full swing. Some names stood out – Alfonso Avalanche, Fuschia Begonia & Emily Orr – from my days of trawling the blogs of SL looking for a new home many, many moons ago (in the end, I made my own home and met Enjah & Os) and I was warmly welcomed and invited to dance the night away at the horror-themed Friday the 13th celebration. I had a great time and found that just some honest fun was just what the doctor ordered – I’ll put some pics below but I also took a quick film of us all dancing that I’ll try and upload and add later.

Caledon Friday 13th Party

Caledon Friday 13th Party

If in doubt, find a party and have a laugh – highly recommended 🙂

Edit: Here’s the rough (very!) FRAPS footage – this is not meant to be a work of art, just I had to capture the joy of the line dancing 🙂 The DJ was live and very funny – I don’t go to enough parties in SL!
[blip.tv ?posts_id=1782222&dest=-1]



  1. Our first SL party, attended because several people at it answered my cry for help when trapped in CalVic City unable to TP, walk or fly out. Looks like you left before we arrived – shame.

    We had a terrific time at it – a synchronised mass dance thingy wasn’t something we’d come across before and it was rather fun!

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