Pleasure is shadow…

A few weeks ago, following a post on Os’ blog I downloaded the excellent client from Kirstenlee Cinquetti and for the first time since the rumour mill started months and months ago I’ve actually been able to see shadows in SL!

Here they are in Murray, my adopted home:
Shadows in Murray

And here they are on good old HBA Island:
Shadows on HBA Island

I’ve not had more time to explore the world with these additions, but rest assured, I will – how can I ignore such an opportunity for beautiful photos 😀

P.S. Once you have the viewer you’ll need to alter a few debug settings – NWN has a guide here.

P.P.S. Fek me – Kirstenlee has left SL and her blog is busted 😦 Read more at NWN here.



  1. ZOMG,Yo, the shadows have been available for a long time – I started playing around with them in August long after the first shadow client had come out (I was pokey getting around to trying it).

    It makes a huge amount of difference.

  2. I know Os has had them (or the ability to see them) since they first came to light (hahahahaha – ahem) last year. I’ve held off due to a combination of fear of tinkering, forgetfulness and laziness.

    They do look amazing and add a depth of feel that is too easy to forget was missing – like the sound of a cooker hood when switched off, if that makes sense 😀

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