Project Itchy Dawg – The Latest!

The Top Secret project Itchy Dawg for The Show Must Go On is coming along at a fair old lick – there is still a lot to do, but Enjah has been amazing in her work on the sets and costumes and Osprey has been her usual talented genius self in building other amazing stuff (AOs, curtains, fire stunts, etc.) and the TSMGO performers have just been so generous and enthusiastic in their support that it has made seem like a breeze.

Still… can’t say too much… hush hush and all that, mum’s the word. But here are a few snaps I’ve smuggled out of the pitbull and body-cavity-search intense TSMGO training camp…
TSMGO - Fleas

Postcard from Second Life. Postcard from Second Life.

TSMGO - Fleas



  1. Security checkpoints have now been set up around the Gaiety Theatre. You will be limited to 2oz of fluid and must place all prim attachments in transparent plastic containers for x-ray inspection. An army of robots will fluff dry and cavity-search all furries, fuzzy-wuzzies and antelopes attempting to board the boards. A zero-tolerance policy has been instituted against persons carrying fleas, carrying pictures of fleas, wearing t-shirts depicting fleas, or saying the word “flea” in an inappropriate tone of voice. Security officers will have the right to deport or torture any person who disagree with their definition of “appropriateness”, “flea” or “attachment”. You have been warned.

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