Oddness in Nova Albion – part 1 of many!

I’m passing through and visiting Nova Albion a lot and it never ceases to amaze me how many odd things and strange glitches I come across! From impossibly long rez times…
Grignano in mid-rez

…to strange eerie glowing walls!
Ghostly glow at the Grignano Photography Studio

Yup, there is always something strange to see in Nova Albion 🙂



  1. Good thinking, Salazar – the ghostly outline might actually be ancient pipes trapped between dimensions. I’ve heard talk of “two-and-a-half” dimensions – or maybe they are like the faint marks left on paper after a pencil mark has been erased.

  2. Hi all – thanks for the comments and I’m sorry this reply has been late coming.

    I think my gazelle half has abilities I’m still largely ignorant of, but I certainly often see beyond the normal spectrum and even, I feel, the walls of this dimension.

    I did wonder if the Brownstones were built on an area of dimensional instability and this is what I can see h not so much an erase, as a phasing?

  3. Just saw this. I too saw the flickering light on my new build yesterday…i thought it was me and my system. I guess not. One thing is for sure…I remain in Nova.

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