Nazi Zombies? Yessireebob!

I caught this trailer for Dead Snow over at my friend’s blog – I lurve zomnie films and zombie Nazis are just so Delta Green – yum yum! I have the same thrill in my gut I had when I first heard of Bubba Hotep, Buckaroo Banzai and Evil Dead.

Watch and enjoy…

p.s. While you are at it, this is where I have gone of late – deep into a terrifying game called Left 4 Dead – check out the intro movie… the game is pretty much identical o_O



  1. MILDEEEEEW!!! So good to hear from you! Do you not come into SL anymore?

    I do play online (check my twitter feed) and love it – you can find my under either HBA or HBA (UK) – can’t remember which. Come and fight the hordes with me.

    Zombiegames too? By gum but your fella is a lucky chap 😀

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