Now everything sounds shite…

Let me say first that I don’t believe this is a real advert for a real product – I think some clever people are having fun (and doing it very well!) but if I’m wrong then we are fucked and we won’t need zombies to finish us off! Someone, please make them stop! Mind you, it is nice to see one of the Chuckle Brothers breaking America (unlike some I could mention…)

p.s. I’m starting to think it *is* real. Christ on a bike – why? Everything sounds like a cheesy Bontempi organ loop circa 1982. Ye gods.

p.p.s It is real – the actors are MS staffers and the product’s developers, or so the gossip on the interwebz says and that can’t be wrong, can it…



  1. No… the UK Adertising Standards Agency banned not only the advert but also the product after deeming the jingle a cruel and unusual punishment under UN law… I have to make do with my SunBriteNoNight PJs 😦

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