Guilty, m’lud…

[14:45] HeadBurro Antfarm: Comic. Fooking genius, mate. FOO-KING GE-NI-US!
[14:46] Miss X: lol you like it it was fun making and really corny so i thought you might take a liking to it 🙂
[14:47] HeadBurro Antfarm decides there is a compliment in there. Somewhere.
[14:48] Miss X: yes yes there is

Comments please – my ego can take it. Just.*

* I have a good therapist.**

**Being from Lancashire that would be a chip butty*** and cup of tea.

*** Bugger! Now I’m hungry!



  1. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828)
    Cornute krnt ∨ kr-nt, Cornuted
    Cor”nute (k?r”n?t ∨ k?r-n?t”), Cor*nut”ed (k?r-n?”t?d), a. [L. cornutus horned, from cornu horn.]
    1. Bearing horns; horned; horn-shaped.

    Cor”ny (k?r”n?), a. [L. cornu horn.] Strong, stiff, or hard, like a horn; resembling horn.
    Up stood the cornu reed. Milton.

    phew that took some finding 🙂
    Fun making but hard work :/

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