Blogs I lurve: Tempietto

A while back I wrote a post about how The Baker’s blog is a must read and that gave me the idea that I should write posts about all the blogs I love so that you, dearest of dear readers, can also visit, digest and love them too. And I start with Tempitto, the wee temple from which Young Geoffrion doth spake (or sommat – I got a bit carried away there).

Young is old. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, I mean she really is old. Hundreds of years old. Somehow, even she is not sure how, she has not only lived way past her alloted three score and ten but remained youthful and full of vigor in the process. No monkey glands were used in this process.

Her life is one of travel, escape, drama, education and wondrous theatre – from the beauty of Paris to the mysteries of China, Young has journeyed the globe in search of… well, I let you find that out for yourself 😉

Right now she is recounting a beautiful tale of her childhood in Paris and how her life was transformed forever by a very special theatre and the people who ran it. Start here and read on, I guarantee you will not only be hooked right away, but you will fall in love with the world she skillfully brings to life with such easy skill.



  1. Thank you, HBA, for your kind introduction! I have gone looking to thank you in person but we have flickered in and out of existence at different moments. Or perhaps you have been kidnapped by monkeyz.

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